The Time is now to End the One-Child Policy: In Jesus’ Name I Pray, God’s Will be Done on Earth


Chai Ling

Founder & President

All Girls Allowed – In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her

Thursday, April 30th, 2015


The Time is now to End the One-Child Policy: In Jesus’ Name I Pray,

God’s Will be Done on Earth


Testimony to

The Congressional Executive Commission on China

Chairman Congressman Chris Smith

Co-chairman Senator Marco Rubio


To the Honorable Chairman Chris Smith, thank you Chairman Smith. Thank you for your tireless effort to end the One Child Policy for the past 35 years! For upholding the human rights of all people in China, and in the world!


To the Co-Chairman Senator Rubio, thank you for your great work to fight for the women and the children as well, by sponsoring legislation that will protect the least of these: such as the Girls Count Act, the Anti-Human trafficking bill, and the campus safety bill. Your great work honors women and children and honors the Lord by making our world a better place for women and children!


I am encouraged by the legislative agenda addressing domestic and global problems especially for vulnerable women and Children. The recent passage of the Anti- Human Trafficking bill shows that a bipartisan coalition can be forged if Members will keep unrelated political agendas to the side. It warms my heart to see our wonderful friend and the greatest champion of Human Rights in the House Chairman Smith teamed up here with the courageous Chairman Senator Rubio to define an American Foreign policy based on the unique American Values expressed in the Judeo-Christian faith that have been the bedrock of American leadership in the world.


Thank you for inviting me to testify here with a panel of distinguished witnesses. My testimony will address the following three subjects:


  • The Brutal nature of the One Child Policy;

  • How the One Child Policy is being slowly dismantled  by the hard and dangerous work of people faithful to the Lord’s call;

  • How gendercide can now also be ended too


  1. The Brutal nature of the One Child Policy :


The first time I was asked about whether I knew anything about China’s One Child Policy was at a Congressional hearing in June 1990, when I escaped to America after spending 10 months in hiding from being the “Most wanted in China”.   Congressman Smith asked me that question at. I answered with a surprise, “Doesn’t everybody know all about China’s One Child Policy?”  Congressman Smith said, “No, not everyone knew”. The truth was, “one child per family” three words sounded so benign and perfect. Only decade later I realized that I did not know the true meaning of it either. The true nature of this policy was that “all other children must die”.


This woman was 9 months pregnant with her 2nd child and she was dragged into a forced clinic. She fought so hard for her baby’s life and the doctor injected drugs into her and she fell into a deep sleep. By the time she woke up, not only did she realize her baby was gone, soon she found that she also lost her uterus, and her health. So she could never have another baby. In addition to that, she lost her job. She lost her love relationship with the baby’s father.  Her life was forever changed, from a vibrant, healthy and successful women entrepreneur into a homeless, jobless, and disabled petitioner for justice.



Cases like this above woman who suffered forced abortions are numerous. According to China’s own admission, the One Child Policy had eliminated 400 million lives in the past 35 years. Even to me who did not know God, this was the largest human rights violation on earth and pure evil!


  1. How the One Child Policy is being dismantled by the Lord and by His faithful works in the field step by step?


It was at Chairman Smith’s hearing in Nov. 2009 that my eyes were opened to the true brutal nature of the One Child Policy, and realized how we were being fooled to believe otherwise all these years. After leading the 1989 Tiananmen movement, and paying a severe price for it, including still living in exile as of today, I knew from personal experience ending  China’s One Child Policy not only need commitment, endurance, perseverance, courage, and all the human attributes you can name,  but it needed something bigger, much bigger, to overcome this massive evil. My findings were revolutionary to me. I ask for your forgiveness upfront if you find my testimony uncomfortable in anyway. But as for me, I could no longer live the life I lived before by trying to pursue justice and freedom seeking to do good only on my own back. That almost brought me to death. Let alone the futility to find freedom and justice.


That bigger thing is God. Shortly after that hearing, many brave souls including Reggie here today led me to know God through giving my life to Christ Jesus. And I was restored back to life able to carry on the fight for Freedom and Justice.


Few months later, in June 2010, I felt called to found All Girls Allowed---in Jesus’ name simply love her to help end the One Child Policy, and to end Gendercide to restore the God given life, value, and dignity to girls and mothers. The last 5 years have been for me a blessed Abrahamic, Moses, and David vs. Goliath’s kind of walk with the Lord. We experienced firsthand verses taught at Sunday school in our daily walk with the Lord. Verses like:


  • “With people, this is not possible, with God, All things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

  • “Don’t overcome evil with evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21)

  • “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples.”  (John 15:7-8)


Our experience shows that these verses are not only true, but possible in our fight to end the one child policy. This is how we work and how my team interprets the events of our time.  That God is not a deity up in the air with no interest in worldly suffering or our affairs, but a living God, who intimately and passionately cares about our suffering. This faith motivates me and my team to be the arms that hold the mothers and children who would be killed by this policy and offer them love and peace. Dozens of faithful workers do this in China everyday, binding up the broken hearted. And not only God cares, God suffers with us; but Good News- God has overcome all suffering  and that is to me the meaning of the Cross, God is ending all sorrows through the power of Jesus’ death on the cross and Jesus’ presence on the earth today. That is the testimony of me and my team that we show our faith by our work to end this One Child Policy.  And because Jesus lives, so we can all live and overcome our suffering too. So what does this mean to the One Child Policy? It means not only we can confront it, it means with God, we can also overcome it, we can end it, and the truth is: the One Child Policy is ending! Step by step.


This was what happened:


  • In Nov 2011, At Rome, I had a powerful personal experience with the Lord, and I was led to the verses in the Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitude: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.” I felt as if the Lord Jesus himself was weeping for the Chinese women and babies’ sufferings under the One Child Policy and He promised if no one on earth will do something about it, He will;


  • In Dec 2011, an American woman who has a gift of hearing from God declared at a large mission conference in LA, that God indeed will end the One Child Policy beginning in 2012;



  • In June 12th 2012, a disciple of an American missionary couple learned about the choose life message, and called 500 Chinese pastors and leaders to repentance to God and to men of our actions. The Lord promised: “14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicle 7:14



  • On June 13th, 2012, the story of the young mother’s forced aborted baby picture was released into Internet, and it caused a media storm and international outrage. Estimated 90+ million people protested on the Internet against this brutal policy:


(In June 2nd 2012, a young mother Feng Jianmei was dragged into forced abortion clinic. They injected poison into her baby’s head inside her womb. On June 4th, the dead baby came out of her body. She was devastated.  )


  • In July 22nd 2012, the outcry against the brutal policy led to the swift announcement by the central government’s family planning committee leader to stop all late stage forced abortions absolutely.  Within months, over 23 provinces  adopted this policy. The cases of forced abortions have substantially reduced. (we only found one case since then. After our case workers called the family, the local government quickly made compensation to this family----a 180 degree change)



  • In Nov 14th, 2013, China announced to ease its One Child Policy to a conditional Two Children Policy: “couples will be allowed to have two children if one of the parents was an only child.”



  • In 2015, China will have more than 1 million babies born as a 2nd child. As of Jan 13th, 2015, reports shown that more than 600,000 new 2nd child babies have been born which would not have otherwise been born, as big as the entire population of the city of Boston. Notice in this picture the couple is having a baby girl, the opposite from showing a baby boy in the past. And they are wearing pink. Almost the same pink we use as All Girls Allowed.


Our reports from China revealed more and more places are implementing a non-conditional two children policy.


  • April 2015, chatter from the Chinese twitter recently have been talking about the pending news that China will end the One Child Policy officially in May and go for a Two Children Policy. Some of the family planning committee leaders tried to refute the chatters. But we know, the end is near.



Recommendations: We urge the Chinese leaders to make the decision to end the One Child Policy once for all, and make it an All Children Allowed policy, especially an All Girls Allowed policy. We invite the American leader to join us in sending this message! Children are inheritance from the Lord! God will lead His people to freedom!


  1. How gendercide can also be ended too


If One Child Policy was the main source of evil, and then it produces many other evil effects such as:

  • Gendercide: 1 out of 6 baby girls in China were aborted or killed;

  • Gender Imbalance: 37 million extra men will not find wives, it leads to social instability, militarization and massive sex trafficking;

  • Sex Trafficking: today China counts for 60% worldwide sex trafficking;

  • “Children without residency status---children without Huko”: According to China’s 2010 census, China has 13 million undocumented children, The majority were “over-quota” children born in violation of China’s one-child policy, and who were accordingly denied legal identification or “household registration” known as hukou. Without huko, a person cannot attend school, receive healthcare or government support, travel by train or plane, or get married.

  • Large percentage of women suffered forced or coerced abortions; 86%

  • Domestic violence: 30% families reported experiencing domestic violence. Actual numbers will be higher;

  • Sexual assaults against women and children are high;

  • High percentages of young couples under 35 are getting divorced;

  • 500 women commit suicide daily.


With all these social issues, our work to expose, rescue and heal in the name of Jesus to simply love her have proven fruitful as in the past 5 years, thousands mothers and babies were helped by our ministry. Your Hearings draw attention to this fruitful work and should continue.


Thank you Chairman Smith and Co Chairman Rubio for the opportunity to testify today. I would like to encourage Senator Rubio to push for passage of the Campus Safety and Accountability Act to end the violence against women and men in our country. And as I will make clear in my testimony today, the Girls Count Act hits at the heart of the problem for girls in China so again I thank Senator Rubio and Chairman Smith for sponsoring this Act and for being  Champions for the rights of Women and girls.


As noted in my reference to the Girls Count Act, the core problem with China's coercive population control measures and one child policy is the requirement for a birth permit or Hukou. This hate filled policy prevents couples and mothers from being free to plan their own family. Even worse it places 13 million baby girls on the black list in China where they have no birth registration and hence no access to healthcare, education,  a passport or other rights given to citizens of China. These are Chinese girls born in China to Chinese parents but denied their right of existence due to the evil Huko and let us joined together not just calling for an end to the One Child Policy but for an end to the policy of requiring birth permits. Let us call for an All Girls, All Children Allowed Policy.


Recommendation: In Jesus’ name simply love her.


If the Chinese government indeed is giving financial incentives to couples to have girls, that is a good policy move, as long as it does not encourage the couple to kill baby boys. (July 2014)


Let me end my testimony on hope: Gendercide can also be ended in the name of Jesus by the renewing of our mind, one baby girl a time, because she was created also in the image of God!


All Girls Allowed ( was founded by Chai Ling in 2010 with a mission to display the love of Jesus by restoring life, value and dignity to girls and mothers in China and revealing the injustice of the One-Child Policy.  “In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her.”

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