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apply pressure to end china's one-child policy


Dear President Obama, Secretary Kerry and Members of Congress,


I am writing to ask you to take active measures to bring an end to China's One-Child Policy.  Over thirty years ago, China began implementing its current coercive family planning policy (also known as the One-Child Policy), under which most Chinese couples are only allowed to have one child. The result has been devastating, leading to violations of reproductive rights, infant abandonment and child trafficking. Enforcement of the policy has been ruthless and unforgiving, and many women and children have lost their lives—all for the crime of wanting a child. As a free American, I am outraged at these injustices and saddened that more attention has not been given to them.


In addition to being an issue of fundamental human rights, the One-Child Policy has been directly linked with the gendercide of girls—the systematic elimination of girls—which is leading to a growing gender imbalance.  In 2007, the Chinese government reported that there were 37 million more men than women in China.  Each year, the gap widens.  This growing gender imbalance has already led to a near doubling of China’s crime rate over the last two decades; historically, countries with excess men have had increased social unrest and more aggressive foreign policies.  Additionally, excess men significantly disrupt spending patterns and are one of the main drivers of our trade deficit with China.

There is no evidence that enforcement of the One-Child Policy is abating.  To the contrary, on the 30th Anniversary of the policy on September 25th, 2010, the leader of the then National Population and Family Planning Commission announced that China “will stick to the family-planning policy in the coming decades.”  In more recent months, leaders of the new Ministry of Health and Family Planning have made similar statements about the continuity of the One-Child Policy.  Other countries have begun to implement similar family planning policies in recent years, and so it has become all the more imperative that we act now.


Since its founding, the United States has been a champion of freedom throughout the world.  I applaud you for the ways in which you have built on that legacy, and ask that you would continue to call for freedom around the world.  In light of the above, I strongly urge you to take the following measures:


  • Introduce legislation to deny U.S. entry to known enforcers of China’s One-Child Policy.
  • Appoint a special investigator to determine the extent of human rights violations as a result of the One-Child Policy.
  • Apply diplomatic pressure to the Chinese government and issue a Congressional Resolution condemning the One-Child Policy.
  • Partner with the Chinese government to develop an alternative solution to population growth that is humane and effective.

I call on you as my representatives in government to do all that is in your power to bring an end to China’s inhumane policy.  While you cannot control China’s domestic policy, you can call the Chinese government to account.  By taking the measures above, you will begin to restore to Chinese girls and mothers the life, value and dignity that all American girls and mothers enjoy. Thank you very much for your attention. 


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